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What is
Playground ATX?

Not "Just" a restaurant -

A dynamic platform for culinary creatives.

A launchpad for gastronomic entrepreneurs.

A dedicated partner to our vibrant local community.

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Current headliner

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Poggio aims to blend the nostalgic flavors of Italian-American cuisine with modern culinary innovation, featuring dishes that use high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. The menu includes delights such as Big Fried Mozzarella, House Stracciatella, and classics like Chicken Parm and Gulf Shrimp Scampi, complemented by a selection of modern natural wines. Priced for accessibility, Poggio is a neighborhood gem where comfort meets culinary excellence—perfect for family dinners or a cozy date night. 

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"I have learned so much from my team. Not only from what they do, or what they thought but also from who they are. With this great support, I am very excited with my journey at Playground. I feel confident that my passion for food and hospitality and team will create a lot of amazing concepts. "

Trang Phan,

General Manager Playground ATX


5001 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78751

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