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what is
playground atx?

Playground ATX is not “just” a restaurant.
Playground ATX is a culinary incubator and launch pad for Culinary Creatives. A place where you want to check out what is happening there today.  A place for community to gather and enjoy really good food in a comfortable setting and support local chefs.

our mission

Our Mission for Playground ATX is to have it be an uplifting platform for teaching and supporting Culinary Creatives and provide a place for the community to come and enjoy some really great food.  We want you to say ‘Hey, let's go check out what’s going on at Playground ATX tonight!

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Curating culinary experiences worth having, teams worth joining, and lives worth living.

Our mission at Tykhe Group Hospitality is to create genuine culinary experiences that delight and inspire our guests. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations through innovative cuisine, exceptional service, and a commitment to quality. We strive to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every guest & team member feels home.


meet our team

Submit A Site

We are actively looking for real estate spaces in 2024 and beyond as we help our Headliners and other concepts transition from Playground into their own brick and mortar locations.


Want a Playground ATX concept near you? Shoot us an email! What are we looking for?

​Immediate Needs

  • Restaurant Space

  • 1,500 - 2,500+ SF

  • Space for up to 50 seats

  • Outdoor seating area preferred

  • Second generation restaurant space preferred, not required

  • Areas: Austin Metro & Suburbs

​Semi-Immediate Needs

  • Warehouse Space, Ghost Kitchen Space, Commissary

  • 5,000 - 20,000+ SF

  • Areas: Austin Metro & Suburbs

Thank you for thinking of Playground ATX!

"I have learned so much from my team. Not only from what they do, or what they thought but also from who they are. With this great support, I am very excited with my journey at Playground. I feel confident that my passion for food and hospitality and team will create a lot of amazing concepts. "

Trang Phan,

General Manager Playground ATX

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