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November 2023 – Spring 2024

This innovative dining experience draws inspiration from the diverse and culturally rich cuisines of Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, Japan, Phillippines, and Vietnam.  Our team of talented chefs has crafted a menu that pays homage to the authentic flavors while incorporating modern twists and creative influences.

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East Meets Wings Ayem Goreng Wings
Kevin and Rosie Truong

kevin & Rosie

Kevin Truong and Rosie Mina-Truong celebrate their love through a revolutionary marriage of Filipino and Vietnamese cuisines. Together, they wed two culinary traditions to create Fil N’ Viet, which was originally launched out of their home doing food deliveries to test the market. Upon receiving good feedback, Kevin & Rosie decided to take it to the next level and open the wildly popular East Austin food truck that served up Filipino and Vietnamese fusion dishes.

In 2023, Kevin, Rosie, and Sue’s paths crossed again and conversations began on how things were going with the hot Austin summers with the food truck and the concept that Sue was working on with her sister-in-law, Katie Kim. This conversation evolved into discussions on a new concept and gave birth to East Meets Wings.

East Meets Wings draws upon inspiration from the diverse and culturally rich cuisines of Indonesia, India, Thailand, Sichuan, Cantonese, and Japan. East Meets Wings showcases a harmonious fusion of flavors, textures, and culinary techniques derived from these distinct Asian cuisines. Through extensive research and respect for their heritage, the Playground ATX team pays homage to the authetic flavors while incorporating creative twists and modern influences.


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Send us a message about your concept, thoughts, and desires. We will be in touch about our requirements for Culinary Creatives and how we work together to curate culinary experiences worth having, teams worth joining, and lives worth living.

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