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Poggio aims to blend the nostalgic flavors of Italian-American cuisine with modern culinary innovation, featuring dishes that use high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. The menu includes delights such as Big Fried Mozzarella, House Stracciatella, and classics like Chicken Parm and Gulf Shrimp Scampi, complemented by a selection of modern natural wines. Priced for accessibility, Poggio is a neighborhood gem where comfort meets culinary excellence—perfect for family dinners or a cozy date night. 

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meet our culinary creatives


Issac Flores

Culinary Creative - Poggio

Issac Flores is a visionary restaurateur and designer from El Paso, Texas, with a profound passion for the culinary and aesthetic aspects of dining. After spending a decade in New York City, Issac's love for authentic NYC-style pizza became a cornerstone of his culinary journey. This passion led him to build a pizza oven in his backyard during the Covid-19 pandemic, sparking a venture that transformed from a driveway pop-up into Sammataro, a cherished pizzeria on Austin's East Side.

Driven by a nostalgia for Italian American classics, Issac envisioned Poggio, aiming to broaden his culinary repertoire while honoring timeless flavors. Residing in Austin, he is a dedicated father to his son Hudson, for whom he aspires to build not just Sammataro, but a legacy of innovative dining concepts.


Anthony Flaco

Culinary Creative - Poggio

Anthony Falco is an International Pizza Consultant, recipe creator and author of Pizza Czar: Recipes and Know-How from a World Traveling Pizza Chef (Abrams, May 2021). 

Since 2017, Anthony has visited 24 countries creating critically-acclaimed pizza programs and award winning restaurant brands, combining his love of pizza, travel and supporting small businesses to create a uniquely successful service and personal platform. Before creating his current role of traveling the world helping businesses pursue their pizza dreams, Anthony worked at acclaimed New American wood-fired restaurant Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn, cooked wood-fired Italian cuisine at Keith McNally’s Pulino's, and is the former pizza czar of New York's pizza institution, Roberta's. 

As an Austin native (his middle name is Tejas), Anthony is excited to bring this modern Italian American menu to his hometown in collaboration with Issac Flores.


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