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 /pleɪ/ verb

Engage in an imaginative activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. Play is guided by mental rules, but the rules leave room for creativity.


ways to play


Playground ATX’s Pop-ups will be the “side acts”.  These pop-ups may include culinary collaborations, tasting dinners, product pop-ups, wine pairing and education dinners and really anything we can think of playing around with.


Playground ATX’s Headliner will be our main culinary concept pop-up for 6 months.  


Prior to the 6 month launch, the Headliner is taken through Playground ATX’s 2 month business intense culinary program where they create a business brand, menu, process, basically everything you need to launch a restaurant. Playground ATX provides a platform for Culinary Creatives to focus on creating the perfect menu and guest experience.  


If Culinary Creatives and Playground ATX confirm the Headliner culinary concept is ready to launch in a standalone location, after the 6 months, Playground ATX along with Tykhe Hospitality Group will launch them in their own standalone location and continue to provide operations foundation and C-suite support to help launch and grow their culinary concept.

one night only

Playground ATX’s One Night Only events are an opportunity for the community to rent the space for a private party or special event with Playground ATX assisting to curate the menu or collaborating with you.

wine not wednesdays

At Playground ATX, our mission is to create a vibrant, creative, and inclusive space where the art of culinary and viniculture meet. Mission Mondays are space for our community to learn about local creatives and causes we’re passionate about, while sipping and exploring a rotating selection of delicious natural wines in partnership with US Natural Wine. 

Wine Not Wednesdays serve as a journey of sensory exploration, community engagement, and the celebration of Austin's vibrant creative spirit. 

Each evening, we feature 6 unique handpicked wines to highlight and celebrate the stories, skills, and passion behind each bottle. In addition to the wines, each night a different class, special artist, featured chef, and other creatives will co-host and share their passion and story. 


come play with us

Are you an artist, chef, or creative interested in working with us at Playground ATX?

Send us a message about your concept, thoughts, and desires. We will be in touch about our requirements for Culinary Creatives and how we work together to curate culinary experiences worth having, teams worth joining, and lives worth living.

Thanks for submitting!

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