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Mission Monday Wines

wine not? Wendesdays

At Playground ATX, our mission is to create a vibrant, creative, and inclusive space where the art of culinary and viniculture meet. Our wine bar is a space for our community to learn about local creatives and causes we’re passionate about, while sipping and exploring a rotating selection of delicious natural wines in partnership with US Natural Wine

Wine Not Wednesdays serve as a journey of sensory exploration, community engagement, and the celebration of Austin's vibrant creative spirit. 

Every Wednesday, we'll unveil 6 extraordinary, hand-picked wines with a purpose, to highlight and celebrate the stories, skills, and passion behind each bottle. In addition to the wines, each night a different class, special artist, featured chef, and other creatives will co-host and share their passion and story. 

But wait, there's more!  Between 3pm – 5:30 pm, our Happy Hour pricing means you get to enjoy all these Bottles at ½ off.  

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this WEEK's selections


come play with us

Are you an artist, chef, or creative interested in working with us at Playground ATX?

Please reach out if you're interested in hosting a pop-up, applying for an open position, or learning more about how Playground ATX and the Tykhe Group work with creatives, launch concepts and empower our team.

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